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Job Application Letter

Job Application Letter

Job Application Letter

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When you write to an employer to apply for an advertised job, there are two main things to consider when writing to an employer:


Formatting - the way the letter is set out


Content - what you actually want to say to or ask the employer.

Formatting and setting out

Formatting is important so that the reader can easily find the information on the page.

There is more than one correct way to set out a letter. See website above for several examples.

Every letter should have the following features:


your name and address


the date


details of the person you are writing to including:


their name (if you know it, you can usually find this out by phoning the business and asking who you should write to in order to ask about available work)


their title (such as Manager or Recruitment Manager)


the name of the business and the postal address (with the suburb name in capital letters)


the greeting (such as Dear Ms/Mr ……)


the body of the letter where you explain why you are writing - see below for ‘Content’ details


the closing which includes the final words to your reader - this part sums up what you would like to happen as a result of your letter and may say something like:


thank you very much for considering this letter and my interest in working for your organisation. I look forward to hearing from your business in the near future.


the signing off which is usually ‘Yours faithfully’ or ‘Yours sincerely’ for a business letter, followed by your signature.


When you write a letter to apply for a job, it is important to be very clear about what you are saying or asking. Simple language is better than big words and long complicated sentences.

If you have had phone contact with the employer before writing your letter of application, it is important that you take note of any particular skills they say are needed for the job or duties that might be part of the job. In your application provide any information about yourself that tells the employer how you have the ability to fill the job successfully.

After indicating which job you are applying for, you might begin with


details about why you have chosen to apply for that particular position. This might be followed with information about your own skills, qualities and/or experience and why you would be the best person for that job, or


a description of your own abilities, qualities and experience followed by why you think they would make you a valuable employee for that particular position.

If you have a resume, it is useful to include a copy with your letter.

Before posting

It is really important that you have someone else

proof read your letter. No matter how good we are at writing, it is easy for anyone to miss small errors. A letter with no spelling mistakes and clear sentences always makes a good impression on an employer.

The quality of the letter will give the employer extra information about the sort of person you are. If you have paid attention to the quality of the letter you are more likely to pay attention to the details in your job and an employer may be keener to employ you than another person who has written a poor letter.

Many jobs are filled before they are advertised so you may have success if you contact employers directly. Contacting employers directly shows that you are proactive and committed to finding a job and that you want to work.

Writing to an employer about any jobs they have available now, or any jobs that are likely to come up in the future, is a useful step before calling an employer directly. Often you write to an employer enclosing a copy of your resume.

This checklist has been developed to assist you when writing to an employer.


Have you completed research on the company and developed an understanding of what they do and the type of people they employ?


Did you decide if you are going to send an email or letter? If you are including samples of your work, you should send it through the post.


Have you called the company to find out the best person to write to? You should obtain correct details including their name, title, postal address or email.


Does your letter or email state that you are enquiring about any vacant positions and mentions the sort of job you are after?


Have you highlighted your key skills, qualities, experience and qualifications that you know are going to appeal to the company you are writing to?


Have you stated that you are very interested in working for the company and included your reasons for wanting to work for the company?


Did you finish the letter or email by thanking them for their time?


Have you invited them to contact you and provided you phone number, email address, postal address etc? Make sure you can be easily contacted.


Is the letter less than one page and have you attached your resume? Employers are generally very busy and want to know pretty quickly what you are writing about.


Has someone else checked the letter or email for you? Have you made the suggested changes if they have advised you on ways to improve the letter and make it more interesting?


Is your letter well-presented? If mailing a letter, make sure it is typed, easy to read and that paper you use is in good condition.


Have you followed up the employer with a phone call?

Sample Application Letter – Childcare Traineeship

Today’s Date

Johnny Student 888 Valley Road, Ross Hill , NSW, 2928

Phone: 65579999

Ellanor Smyth My Kindy Day Care Centre 2113 Short Street, Forster , NSW, 2428

Dear Ms. Smyth,

I am writing to apply for the Part Time Position at My Kindy Day Care Centre, as advertised in ‘The Daily Telegraph’on 20

th January, 2012.

I am currently in Year 11 at Anywhere High School. My subjects include English, Maths, Business Services and two TAFE subjects including a Cert II in Children’s Services where I am developing an interest in working with small children. I also hold a Senior First Aid and Resuscitation Certificate.

I have excellent written and oral communication skills. I enjoy talking with people of all ages and from different backgrounds. I have excellent people skills and have a pleasant and polite manner which is essential in the area of child care. I have a bright, bubbly personality and love to be with small children and their carers. I am willing to undertake any necessary additional training as part of this position.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to discussing it with you further at interview.

Yours Sincerely,

Johnny Student


Sample Application Letter – Cold Canvasing

Today’s Date

Sandee DEE

999 Failford Way


Phone: 65579999

Name of Employer / Business Owner/HR Manager

Name of Business


Dear Mr Mac…………………

I am enquiring if your business would have an opening for a motivated and conscientious and reliable person.

I have just completed my Higher School Certificate and have achieved at a high level throughout my school life. I have undertaken Advanced English and have excelled in this subject. This reflects my high level of communication skills, both verbal and written. I have also undertaken Advanced Mathematics and I am extremely confident and capable in this field. I am confident in the use of computers and have a proven ability to learn new skills.

I believe that I could be a positive and valuable employee for your business due to my work ethic, determination and commitment to achieve my best. I am prepared to undertake further study where necessary.

Please find attached my resume. Thank you for considering my application and I look forward to meeting you and providing further information in an interview. I can be contacted on my mobile number which is ………………………………………………………

Yours Sincerely,

Sandee Dee



Write a written letter of application for

ONE of the following jobs.

Please note

: Assume all jobs were advertised in the Daily Telegraph on 20th January 2012. If you do not meet requirements, make it up for the purpose of this exercise, but NEVER make a false claim in a real application.

a) Junior Clerk / Temporary

The publisher of The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph and The Australian newspapers have a vacancy for a Junior Clerk in the Credit Control section of the Accounts Department.

This is a full time, but temporary position for twelve months. The duties of this position include telephone customer service of account queries; telephone credit collection and general accounts office duties.

You will need to possess a mature and pleasant telephone manner with the ability to communicate effectively. This is a diverse position, which will need someone who is versatile and can show initiative. We offer in-house training for the right person.

Apply in writing to:

Ms Bronwyn Smith, Human Resources Supervisor, News Limited, P.O. Box K2938, Haymarket, NSW 2000.


b) Full Time Child Care.

We require the services of a full time Child Care worker. Applicants must hold a certificate in Child Care Studies, as well as a current First Aid and Resuscitation Certificate.

Applications to:

Amanda Harris, Manager, My Little Friend Child Care Agency, 50 Margaret Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000.


c) Travel Consultant

If you have a Travel Consultants Certificate or have a flair for dealing with people, then we can assist you, for we have a full time position to fill in our expanding travel agency! The successful applicant will have done extensive travel in the last 2 years.

Please apply in writing to:

Ma Sally Jones, Manager, Transglobal Travel, 353 Pittwater Road, Brookvale, NSW, 2100.